Powerhouse team joins forces for EBOLA


It’s a topic all over the news. A virus that has spread out of Africa and into North America and Europe. It has captured the world’s attention – and its fear.

Now Nicholas Ellenbogen and Hilda Cronje have joined forces to bring a powerful piece of theatre to the Rosebank stage.

Based on interviews with doctors who have recently treated patients in Liberia, EBOLA is a play looks at the research and experiences of these brave doctors who risk their lives to save others.

EBOLA is a new play that looks at the devastating encroachment of a virus that has escaped the forests of Africa, and now threatens to take its toll across the globe. We follow a foreign aid doctor as she journeys through the early days of the Ebola outbreak, where it was only thought to be malaria, and how it directly affects those who handle the patients.

Through her eyes we encounter the fear. The pain. The unknown. The world is now readying itself to battle another global pandemic – but with containment having seemingly failed in much of West Africa, what will happen now?

This informative bite of powerful theatre is written to help us all understand and engage with this killer virus. We understand the impact, we understand the human cost, we also understand it can be treated and contained.

Ellenbogen and Cronje, a powerhouse team, share the worries and thoughts that are going through all of our minds, while also dealing with the facts.

Ellenbogen first encountered Ebola when he worked and researched with the Pygmy people of Gabon fifteen years ago – and now he brings this knowledge to the forefront.

Working with Ellenbogen is the exceptional performance talent of Cronje. Cronje has been in the internationally successful Miss Julie and has just returned from Singapore, the last leg of the world tour. She too is driven to tell the story of nations at war with an invisible and deadly enemy.

Dates: 29th October – 1 November
Wednesday – Saturday: 8pm
Tickets: R100

Phone Liz on 072 316 6133

What’s happening at the Rosebank Theatre? Why, loads!

Whew! What a busy few weeks we’ve had at the Rosebank Theatre. Not only are we fully dug in with our run of Old Kit Bag, we’re also busy with not one but TWO productions at the Cape Town Fringe Festival!

So, where to begin? Well, most urgent first…!

LIVE WITH IVY at the Cape Town Fringe

live with ivy

Tonight is the last performance of the beautiful Live with Ivy at the Alexander Bar. The dynamic duo of Nicholas Ellenbogen and Claire Berlein have teamed up once again to bring this magnificent, poignant piece of theatre to the stage. Book your tickets now and don’t miss this show before Ivy packs her bags one last time…

FERGUS OF GALLOWAY at the Cape Town Fringe


Another Rosebank Theatre favourite is returning to Cape Town – the romping Fergus of Galloway written by Alexander McCall Smith and its team four-member cast (Daniel Richards, Sne Dladla, Jessica Munna and Jonathan Tait) are preparing for four editions of musical madness at the Cape Town Fringe, starting on Thursday 3 October. Missed it at the Rosebank first time round, or keen to give it another go? Get your tickets here.

OLD KIT BAG at the Rosebank Theatre

OKB new

The troops and nurses in our World War I-era musical Old Kit Bag are in full swing at the Rosebank Theatre. Join Liz Szymczak, David Scales, Matthew Roberts, Jessica Munna, Liz Starke and Sean Whitehead in a sing-along musical that will delight history-lovers and tickle your nostalgia.

Still not convinced? Read this wonderful review from our Facebook fan Joy Rosario:

Authentic, poignant without soppy, this little production is a ‘not to be missed’ for anyone who appreciates the losses of the Great War and an education for anyone who doesn’t. A well crafted tribute and a great bit of theatre.

Book your tickets for Old Kit Bag on Webtickets, or phone Sean on 074 101 5066.

Pack up your troubles… And come see OLD KIT BAG!

Old Kit Bag 1

We can’t believe it – there are just TWO shows left in this year’s edition of RAIDERS! That’s right, RAIDERS: THE GREAT WAR closes on Saturday, September 6, after an incredible run that has seen many a bad “arm” pun and laughs for all (including the actors on stage!) If you haven’t yet had a chance to see Nicholas, Daniel and Sne in action yet, then book now. Right now. Seriously. Go do it. We’ll wait. Back? Good! Because we have a great new show we’re so excited to tell you about!

Yes, it is the show so many of you have been asking about… OLD KIT BAG! After postponing the show earlier this year, rehearsals for the final chapter in our World War I season are in full swing, and it is looking fantastic!

Starring Liz Szymczak as the Matron, David Scales as the Captain, Matthew Roberts as the Corporal and Jessica Munna and Liz Starke as the lovely ladies of the Medical Core, OLD KIT BAG takes place during the closing months of the First World War. The end is in sight, but the troops are being battered at the front. Morale is low and many brothers have been lost, but spirits are starting to rise after the arrival of the Americans into the trenches.

In an effort to keep chins up, The Back to Front Players of the Royal Medical Army Corps are putting on a concert at the Medical Battalion in St. Julien, coming together for merrymaking during this brief hiatus from battle; a slither of joy and excitement before the darkness of war returns.

This show will be playing some of the best tunes and ditties from the homefront, as well as some numbers the troops cooked up – you will be surprised how many songs are familiar!

Join us in remembrance of the Great War, as well as enjoying a wonderful evening of music, from 17 September. Details below.


Starring David Scales, Matthew Roberts, Nicholas Ellenbogen, Liz Szymczak, Jessica Munna, Liz Starke, Sean Whitehead.

Dates: 17th September – 18th October
Wednesdays – Saturdays: 8pm
Saturday Matinee for pensioners: 3pm

Tickets: R120
Students: R60
Pensioner performance (Saturday Matinee only): R60

Click here to book online or phone Sean on 074 101 5066.


Full steam ahead! RAIDERS: THE GREAT WAR charges on to the Rosebank stage

Raiders The Great War

Daniel Richards, Nicholas Ellenbogen and Sne Dladla in RAIDERS: THE GREAT WAR

Hot off a sold-out run at the National Arts Festival, Nicholas Ellenbogen brings the latest installment of his legendary Raiders franchise – RAIDERS: THE GREAT WAR – to the Rosebank Theatre, and the first reviews have already started rolling in!

This, the 25th edition of the adventure-comedy franchise, also stars rising talents Daniel Richards and Sne Dladla in an irreverent journey across Europe at the height of the First World War, mixing history with fantasy and more than a dash of comedy … Bringing you, the audience, along for the ride!

Beverley Brommert of the Cape Argus rated the show at FOUR STARS OUT OF FIVE, writing in her review:

It is not so much the aleatory and inventive plot that delights spectators, as the outrageous ingenuity with which simple props are used to evoke great and dramatic happenings.

… No Raiders would be complete without the considerable groan factor of predictable or familiar puns, and this one is no exception; it all adds to the innocent fun.

Need more convincing? Perhaps some more details? Like a plot, show times, ticket prices and booking details? Fair enough…


Europe is at war and the Bolsheviks have signed the forms to execute the Romanov family. In a last ditch effort to save the royal bloodline – Harold (Nicholas Ellenbogen), the master spy plans to smuggle everything he needs to restart the Romanov dynasty once the war is over.

But he knows he can’t do it alone, so he enlists the aid of a Cossack Royalist by the name of Yakov (Daniel Richards). Together they flee Russia while being hunted by Comrade Dobrov and the might of the rising Red Army.

Starring Nicholas Ellenbogen, Daniel Richards and Sne Dladla
Show times:
Tuesdays to Saturdays, 8pm until 6 September 2014.
Ticket prices: R100 General, R60 for pensioners and students
How to book: You can either book on Webtickets here or phone Sean on 074 101 5066

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Cape Town loves Fergus of Galloway!



It has been an absolute roller coaster getting Fergus of Galloway going!

Now that it is – we have been getting phenomenal reviews!

“FERGUS OF GALLOWAY is one of the most refreshing pieces of theatre that has appeared on stage in Cape Town this year. It is the kind of play that will send you out into the night grinning from ear to ear…” – David Fick (BroadwayWorld.com)

Click here to read the review

“…an evening of manic fun.”

“As an ensemble, this is excellent theatre, with well-matched executants.” – Beverley Brommert (Cape Argus)

Click here to read the review

“… I had a smile plastered on my face from beginning to end.”

“[The music] was the element which made me want to stay seated after the show ended – being as I was in no rush to brave the far less fabulous outside world quite so soon.” – Melissa Cohen (The Next 48 Hours)

Click here to read the review

“…the cast plays together and their sheer delight and exuberance on stage is infectious.”

“This is a quirky and unusual production; a musical comedy accessible to all ages…” – Tracey Saunders (Cape Times)

Click here to read the review

There are always more reviews coming in! Keep checking in for more!

Reviews Galore!

The UCT Autumn Season is now in full swing – with the double-bill of DIE BUFFEL and THE OPEN COUPLE nearing its close…

The first review is from Beverley Brommert for the Cape Argus.





The next review if from David Fick for BroadWayWorld.com.

“Weare has a knack for comedy and here he has found the right rhythms for the two pieces, both of which entertain the audience deftly from the first notes of music…”

Click here for the full review

Catch these shows before they go on Saturday!

Book your tickets now on Webtickets, or phone Nabeelah on 021 480 7129.

Busy times at the Rosebank Theatre!

The Open Couple

The Open Couple

Wow, never mind all the public holidays… It has been a busy few weeks at The Rosebank Theatre!

Firstly, we are thrilled to have the Drama Department of the University of Cape Town joining us for three weeks in May with three wonderful productions for their Autumn Season, with the Fourth Year Acting students put through their paces by none other than the legendary Christopher Weare!

Anton Chekhov (Die Buffel and Dario Fo (The Open Couple) meet in a double bill for UCT’s Autumn Season, which is rounded out by Lion on the Path, a collection of Zimbabwean folk tales that will appeal to the whole family.

For more on these three productions, which will be showcasing some of the best of local student theatre, visit our Coming Soon page – and book your tickets on the right!

Once UCT’s Autumn Season has ended, we will be staging Fergus of Galloway – an Alexander McCall Smith-penned operetta that is being transformed into a contemporary musical right this moment!

The Next 48 Hours Reviews THE WAY WE WERE

Cat finger on chin HR Colour red beret

You can read an excerpt below,  and the full review here.

“…Cat Simoni transforms the tiny venue of the Rosebank Theatre into her lounge as she takes the audience through a hilarious and at times heartfelt trip down Streisand’s road to success.

…I walked out of the theatre with my horizons broadened and a newfound love for a musical legend I never used to pay attention to. I call that a good night’s entertainment.”