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Having won the hearts of audiences from as far afield as Kenya to the royal family at Balmoral Castle, Nicholas Ellenbogen’s groundbreaking conservation play returns to the stage in March.

Set around a waterhole, this physical theatre piece chronicles the lives of the animals which depend on it for survival. It is a timeless reflection on the tragic impact that man has had on the natural world in recent decades. While celebrating the wild kingdom which graces Africa’s plains, Kwamanzi reminds us of the need to value and protect our animal neighbours before it is too late.

Director: Nicholas Ellenbogen
Cast: Nhanhla Mkhwanazi, Vuyo Katsha, Andria Kok, Motheo Madisa & Belle Ngcobo

Dates: 15 March – 15 April
Time: 8pm  |  Price: R150
Bookings: Click here to book online or call Liz on 072 316 6133

An Extraordinarily Ordinary Life


After a successful run at the 2015 CT Fringe Festival, this show is getting a second run at the Rosebank Theatre with memorable, acoustic folk-pop songs and razor-sharp conversation.

The play is drawn from Jervis’ life, a journey which has taken him from famous to homeless and back again. Best known for his 80’s boy-band, The Soft Shoes and more recently the musicals ‘Scribble’ and ‘A Town called Fokol – Lutho’, Jervis is compelling in this moving and beautifully original show.

Actor/Director: Jervis Pennington.

Dates: 2-11 March
Time: 8pm  |  Price: R150
Bookings: Click here to book online or call Liz on 072 316 6133

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