Pack up your troubles… And come see OLD KIT BAG!

Old Kit Bag 1

We can’t believe it – there are just TWO shows left in this year’s edition of RAIDERS! That’s right, RAIDERS: THE GREAT WAR closes on Saturday, September 6, after an incredible run that has seen many a bad “arm” pun and laughs for all (including the actors on stage!) If you haven’t yet had a chance to see Nicholas, Daniel and Sne in action yet, then book now. Right now. Seriously. Go do it. We’ll wait. Back? Good! Because we have a great new show we’re so excited to tell you about!

Yes, it is the show so many of you have been asking about… OLD KIT BAG! After postponing the show earlier this year, rehearsals for the final chapter in our World War I season are in full swing, and it is looking fantastic!

Starring Liz Szymczak as the Matron, David Scales as the Captain, Matthew Roberts as the Corporal and Jessica Munna and Liz Starke as the lovely ladies of the Medical Core, OLD KIT BAG takes place during the closing months of the First World War. The end is in sight, but the troops are being battered at the front. Morale is low and many brothers have been lost, but spirits are starting to rise after the arrival of the Americans into the trenches.

In an effort to keep chins up, The Back to Front Players of the Royal Medical Army Corps are putting on a concert at the Medical Battalion in St. Julien, coming together for merrymaking during this brief hiatus from battle; a slither of joy and excitement before the darkness of war returns.

This show will be playing some of the best tunes and ditties from the homefront, as well as some numbers the troops cooked up – you will be surprised how many songs are familiar!

Join us in remembrance of the Great War, as well as enjoying a wonderful evening of music, from 17 September. Details below.


Starring David Scales, Matthew Roberts, Nicholas Ellenbogen, Liz Szymczak, Jessica Munna, Liz Starke, Sean Whitehead.

Dates: 17th September – 18th October
Wednesdays – Saturdays: 8pm
Saturday Matinee for pensioners: 3pm

Tickets: R120
Students: R60
Pensioner performance (Saturday Matinee only): R60

Click here to book online or phone Sean on 074 101 5066.



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