Cry Havoc came and left the audience speechless.


Set in present day Cairo, Egypt, CRY HAVOC explores the troubled relationship between the western world and the Islamic Middle East. Cultural imperialism, religious fundamentalism, political repression and personal sexuality are deftly unfolded in this tender and shocking play about the dissolution of the loving relationship between British expatriate writer, Nicholas Field and his young Egyptian lover, Mohammed Al-Masri. Coash writes with an exquisite sense of irony which provides real wit and comedy in the play as he brings the lovers to confront their convictions and obsessions and also a repressive government and their own identities.
Directed by Roy Sargeant with Cameron Robertson as Mohamed, David Viviers as Nicholas and Anthea Thompson as Ms Nevers. Its South African premier was at The Grahamstown Arts Festival in 2013.

“The piece works particularly well in the …versatille space of the  Rosebank Theatre…[Roy] Sargeant [director] has not shirked from creating an intimacy between the lovers…”
– Tracey Saunders, Cape Times

“Cry Havoc is a play that will break your heart. It’s a soulful journey into forbidden love that should not be missed under any circumstances.”
– Bizcommunity

Dates: 12th August to 5th Sep Wednesday to Saturdays
Time: 19.00 (with a 15 minute interval)


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